Meet the Team 👋

Meet the Team 👋 cover image

Oliver Sarfas

Managing Director

With nearly 10 years commercial experience working in the IT, Development, and Consultancy industry, Oliver is the head of our team.

He'll be your go to guy for all the techy questions, and will most likely be the one who signs off your projects.

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Tunnocks Chocolate Wafer 🍫

Life Quote: Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst 🎨

Best Meal to Cook: Lasagne with Garlic Bread 😋

Maddie Balta

Customer Services

Maddie is bubbly and knows how to get the low-down from our developers. She's your main point of contact for all enquiries and can even "talk developer", so you don't have to!

She'll also be your contact for general support, invoicing, and project management.

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Milky Way 🌌

Life Quote: Who want's to live forever? 🎵

Best Meal to Cook: Chicken Fajitas with Salsa and Dips 💃

CleverEgg Team 🥚 • August 16, 2019