Website Jargon - in plain English!

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Another language? 💬

Technology nowadays sounds like a foreign language. With ip addresses, domain, integrations, and everything else floating around - it's hard to keep track of it all.

At CleverEgg, we like to keep things simple. For ourselves, and our customers. We'll speak in plain English (as best we can) to make sure you understand what's going on throughout your project and ongoing upkeep.

Some of the most common terms you'll hear in IT / Tech / Web are actually very simple to understand; so we'll break some of those down for you. Take them to your next meeting and blow everyone away!

Translations 📜

  • The Cloud : Not actually in the sky. The Cloud is normally some server / computer in a huge data-centre. e.g. Google

  • Hosting : Every website needs somewhere to live. Hosting is precisely that. Normally Cloud-Hosting solutions. e.g. AWS

  • Domain : The "house name" of your website. e.g.

  • IP Address : Think of this as a "postal address" on the internet. e.g.

  • CMS : Content Management System. A piece of software to manage your website, or some content. e.g. WordPress

  • E-Commerce : Electronic-Commerce. A shop, on the internet! e.g. Amazon

  • SEO : Search Engine Optimisation. How you look/perform on Google/Bing/etc.

  • CRO : Click Rate Optimisation. How your "clicks" perform. Ensuring that your customers / clients are driven to the right places on your website

  • API : Application Programmable Interface. One for the developers really. A way in which some solution talks and how it can speak with others.

  • Integrations : Making one service work within or alongside another

  • HTML : HyperText Markup Language. This is the "code" that tells your browser how to structure a page on your screen

  • Responsive Design : Works on all devices - mobile, tablet, and desktop

  • PPC : "Pay Per Click". A term used in digital advertising to reflect the price of an ad if it is only paid for when used / clicked.

That's just a few that we could think of around the office. There's hundreds more, but they're mainly techy and very boring.

Do you have any jargon that your current Agency uses that you're baffled by? Let us know!

And as always, if you've got a product/website idea - get in touch today and we'll be happy to help.

CleverEgg Team 🥚 • October 28, 2019