Working Clever

We aim to make working with us as simple, efficient, and pleasant as possible for all our clients.

Honesty and clarity are core principles with us, and we'll always be up front about any fees or services that we're charging to you.

General Process

We will always send you an estimate before committing to any work. These estimates are not chargeable and will give you an idea of the total costs for your work.

Once the estimate(s) are agreed, we move onto the invoicing stage

Invoicing & Deposits

All our invoices have 7 calendar day payment terms unless stipulated within the invoice. Any invoices that go over this date without payment may incur charges.

No work will be started until your non-refundable deposit has been received in full. If you're having problems settling this, please talk to us, we're happy to help clients where possible

Our deposits are 60% of the invoice value. We will request the outstanding 40% of the invoice after the work is completed and the project is ready to go live.

Revisions / Changes

If there's something you're not happy with on the project, all invoices come with 3 revisions. This allows you to make minor adjustments to content. Some larger changes may incur additional charges, however we will always advise you on the best route to take

If your project comes with a CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Netlify CMS, etc.) you're welcome to make as many changes as you like - it's your site after all! If you need us to help, we'll offer support and assistance as per your contract

Contracts and Agreements

We issue and agree contracts with all our clients. This is for your protection. We need to make sure that we're delivering you everything you want, and that we're held accountable to our work.

If you wish for us to sign an NDA for your project, let us know and this can be arranged

Ongoing Costs / Support

Costs for ongoing hosting and support are payable monthly, in advance. These are delivered in automated invoices and billed separately to projects.

Payment Methods

Card Payments - We accept online payments via Stripe. You will receive a "pay online" link with your invoice(s)

Automatic Payments - We can setup direct debits for payments if you'd prefer. Service via GoCardless.

Bank Transfer - Our bank details can be found on your invoices. For international clients, our IBAN can also be found on all invoices in the footer

We will never add admin fees based on your payment method.


If there is any reason you'd like to dispute or discuss a charge, please get in contact with your Invoice# urgently. We will always do our best to help.