Working With Us

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Here’s a few key points of working with us, and how we like to offer our services to clients!

  • Open and Honest Communication
    Open and Honest Communication

    We work on Slack for our "day to day" communications. However we will always use emails for "formal converstations" regarding invoicing, and project alterations and proposals.

    We have found that using tools such as Slack, and have been great in allowing parties to talk and discuss projects with ease. We are always open to using alternative toosl if you're more comfortable.

  • "Little and Often"

    Nobody likes to wait months for a project to come along with no updates. We frequently deliver smaller pieces of your project for you.

    This gives you full visibility of the project's progress over time, as well as opportunity to look for alterations before it's too late.

  • Test First, Break Later
    Test First, Break Later

    Everything we build, we build with testing included. We want to make sure you're proud of what you're paying for, and we take pride in our services. Testing gives resilience to a product, and makes extending / maintaing it easier in the long run.

    We will build your software with unit, and integration / feature testing built in. If you'd like to add some UAT or other testing, let us know and we'll be sure to add it for you

More Detail...

We like to think we’re pretty¬†easy going at CleverEgg, but if you’re loking from something more “concrete” about a working relationship – read on

We generally work remotely from our offices or given location. We are always available via Slack, and/or email. We can factor in time to come to your offices for face-to-face meetings.

Work done is charged at an hourly rate, however we can provide quotes if you are looking for a “by-project” basis. There may be a small fee for this, however we will advise of that before undertaking anything for you.

We are upfront and honest about judging how long a piece of work will take and will make suggestions on how to get best value for your money. We like to follow the principals of agile development and will typically work in 1-2 week sprints with continuous test builds so you can see how your project progresses.

Project payment terms are broken down on total value. Your invoices and contract will give you specifics. However, we generally stick to the following as a base-line:

  • <3 days: Invoiced accordingly. Payment due on receipt
  • 3-5 days: 50% on start, 50% on completion
  • 5-10 days: 30% on start, 70% on completion
  • >10 days: 25% on start, 25% at a defined midpoint (usually first prototype build), 50% on completion


All invoices are due within 7 calendar days of receipt unless otherwise specified in the invoice. We will never work for equity or profit-share.

Once a project is complete, we offer retainer-based services in which discounted rates are available. These retainers are paid for in advance on the last day of the previous billing cycle. Arrangements for “rollovers of allocation” can be made. If more work is required, hours can be added on at the same cost and will be charged independently of the Retainer Invoice.

If you are interested in working with us, please email:

We aim to get back to all enquiries within a day. If you’re unable to get through to Oliver, you can contact our lovely Client Relations Manager, Madara

CleverEgg Digital is a registered UK Company. Registered No. 12031534